About Me

Being a writer, I enjoy the double pleasure of viewing writing from both the perspective of a writer and a reader. I can enjoy a great write-up, when I can get lost in a story line and characters, appreciate the context, language and style. But my biggest joy is the ability to write, to create my very own fantasy as my imagination can direct me. Being a mum, I have countless happy moments, but books and writing have also given so much. And even now, after all the ‘worlds’ and characters encountered and created, I still welcome and anticipate the thrills, intrigues, suspense…the unfolding of what will be. It does not matter that I know how my manuscript will end, or that I sometimes have a good idea how the book I am reading will end, it is the journey of the discovering that gives so much pleasure.

That is the world of writing and books, a world that had me captivated since I was 3, learning to deal with the sudden transition of books without pictures. With no pictures to help describe the stories, it was just the words and my mind. It was exciting, ecelerating as I grew older, working first as a writer and reporter for the experience to become a full time writer.

I still feel that, each day as I manage my outfit, ScribblesNimages.