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Writing reading takes you to intriguing places. You enjoy the thrilling experience of diverse ‘worlds’ cultures and traditions, real or fantasy, the pleasure of encountering diverse characters, regardless whether you love or hate them. You’ll get so wrapped up in their lives that it might take something away from you when the manuscript or book ends.It takes a great writer to write a book that captivating. The big deal is, what does it take to be a great writer?

Over the years, I have had several people ask me for writing tips. I tell them the same thing,  ‘The beauty of writing is, you don’t have to be the kind of writer who finds it effortlessly easy to string words together, only because writing as an art can be acquired if one knows, and follows, the right tips”.

So, for all my friends and followers who have yet to start that long awaited book, this is for you. “Stay connected, use the tips and start writing now. Just do it!”